Dentures Gallery


Dentures 1 - Before

This patient had severe gum and bone problems, which required the removal of all of the upper teeth except for the two front teeth.


Dentures 1 - After

A removable partial denture was made that closely matched the remaining front teeth. The result a significant improvement in his appearance.


Dentures 2 - Before

This patient was missing the bottom molars on both sides of his mouth, as indicated by the white arrows.


Dentures 2 - After

A removable partial denture was made to restore lost chewing surfaces.


Dentures 3 - Before

This patient is missing all of his teeth. A traditional full denture is needed.


Dentures 3 - After

Dentures are made more realistic by making them slightly less than perfect.


Dentures 4 - Before

This patient lost all of her teeth with the exceptions of the front four teeth on the bottom and a portion of a tooth, which has a gold crown on top of the root (bottom right of the photo). It is important to save the root of a tooth because it helps preserve the bone, which is critical.


Dentures 4 - After

The metal holding the partial denture in place is not visible when the patient speaks or smiles.


Dentures 5 - Before

This patient had a developmental defect that caused a malformation of the jaws as well as teeth.


Dentures 5 - After

A removable partial denture was made for both the top and bottom to replace the missing teeth and to restore the aesthetics.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary in individual cases.